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138/132-138 Killeaton Street, St Ives (Lot31 SP87639)

$331.99 $165.99

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Strata Records Inspected - Thursday, 29/11/2018

300 Units

132-138 Killeaton Street consists of seven buildings:

- Building A (a 5-storey residential building) Lots 142 to 198

- Building B (a 6-storey residential building) Lots 199 to 270

- Building C (a 4-storey residential building) Lots 271 to 301

- Building D (a 6-storey residential building) Lots 1 to 81

- Building E (a 5-storey residential building) Lots 82 to 113

- Building F (a 4-storey residential building) Lots 114 to 137

- Monastery (a historic 2-storey building also containing a gym & indoor pool) Lots 138 to 140.

Strata Plan Registered 06/12/12
Strata Managing Agent - Genesis Strata Management.
Last AGM before report - 22/02/2018.There should have been an Annual General Meeting since our last report.

73 Pages

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