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505/3 Sterling Circuit, Camperdown (Lot42 SP82487)

$331.99 $225.75

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Strata Records Inspected - Thursday, 07/03/2019

124 Units

3 Sterling Circuit is a multi-storey residential building with painted rendered brick walls, concrete floors, aluminium framed windows and a flat concrete roof.

SP82487 Trio Central, is a part building strata scheme occupying a stratum parcel in The Trio which comprises four statum parcels, the other three being SP82217 Trio North, SP82907 Trio South and Club Trio.

Management of shared facilities within the Trio complex is undertaken by a Building Management Committee (BMC) which includes representatives of the owners of each of the stratum parcels.

The BMC is not a separate legal entity but it does maintain its own accounts, minutes and records.

The Trio complex in turn occupies a lot in Community Association DP270241 City Quarter and the individual Owners Corporations are members of the Community.

The Community includes about twelve or so, strata schemes in a redevelopment of the old Camperdown Childrens Hospital site.

Community Facilities include an indoor pool and gyms in the Alexandra building and an outdoor pool and gym in Club Trio as well as gardens, roads, pathways etc.

The City Quarter Community Association is a separate legal entity. It also keeps its own accounts, budget, minutes and correspondence and is financed by levies collected from the Owners Corporations (and any separate individual lots) in proportion to their Association Units of Entitlement.

This report has been prepared from an inspection the Owners Corporation documents only. We have not seen either BMC or Community Association records and any material regarding the BMC or CA is from the Owners Corporation records or from our own archives.

Strata Plan Registered 10/07/09
Strata Managing Agent - Dynamic Property Services.
Last AGM before report - 09/11/2018.

100 Pages

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